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“Gold” Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Our Gold Service Level Agreement (SLA) gives our customers continued peace of mind by ensuring that they receive consistent, top-caliber support throughout the year. We use a sophisticated point-based system to track all customization and support requests; thus, ensuring cost-control, efficiency, and transparency at all times.


24/7 server monitoring
Data integrity validation and multi-level backups
Track customization & support goals and manage costs with an efficient point-based system
Receive up to 300 points in the task manager every month
Request support via email, chat, or telephone
99.999% uptime guarantee
High-quality technical support, customer service, and customer care
Track multiple goals such as new features, training, code changes, and meetings
Points can roll over up to two months
Receive recognition on our EnterMedia website as a sponsor


Pricing for the Annual Support Gold Package varies depending on the duration of each Agreement. Please see the table below:







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